A popular slogan is “it’s the little things that count”.  For the enthusiastic volunteers at the Dana Point Concours d’Elegance, no detail goes unnoticed, right down to the food served during the reception and the layout of the vehicles on the day of the Concours.  They know how to plan an event that excites and satisfies because they share a common passion for collectible cars and vintage motorcycles.

And while many people have already heard of the Beach Cruisers Show and the “crown jewel” of the weekend – Sunday’s Concours exhibit – they may not know about the other events sprinkled throughout the two days.

A major change for this year is that the Dana Point Concours team has opened the traditional Concours Reception to the public for the first time.   In the past, it’s been an invite-only gala for those exhibiting a vehicle during the Concours.  Along with the cool breeze and smell of the Pacific Ocean, guests will enjoy an entertaining night full of cocktails and delicious finger foods provided by the excellent team of chefs at the St. Regis, while mingling with fellow collector car fans.

Guests won’t want to sneak out early because a memorabilia auction is scheduled midway through the reception.  From famous celebrity autographs to exclusive collectibles, attendees will find something they want to take home.

The team has another trick up its sleeve during the opening ceremony of Sunday’s Concours.  Coordinated by Capt. Jason Dwinger, son of Concours Board of Directors Member Pieter Dwinger, seven vintage airplanes will fly overhead in conjunction with a flag presentation by the Marines Corps renowned Color Guards from Camp Pendleton.  Both are a tribute to the men and women who served or are currently serving our country.

The “wow-factor” doesn’t stop there either; guests will have the opportunity to purchase and review beautiful paintings and sculptures during the Dana Point Concours Art Exhibit.  Located on the South Lawn Winners Circle, the exhibit will feature prominent automotive artists from around the world, including members of the prestigious Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS).

Every step of the way, the volunteers at the Concours will continue to stoke the passion for this hobby.  When it comes to the celebration of everything automotive, they live and breathe it.  As each day progresses, more activities are being included so check back regularly.  For all ticketing information, please log on to

Join us at the 30th Annual Dana Point Concours d’Elegance and see how paying attention to all the details will create a production you will always remember…long after the weekend is done.



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